It is recommended that you watch or read the below vocabulary building tutorial while running the VocabularyShop program to follow the tutorials.  This way you will know how to use various functions of VocabularyShop much quicker.  You can check the User Guide for more detail operation information of various functions.


Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial shows you the basic steps of using VocabularyShop.  You should be able to use this program after going through this tutorial.  For further information on how to use this program, please visit the user guide page and see other video tutorials.

Program home page

There are 6 function icons on the home page.  They are: Select, Spelling, Game, Study, Browse, and Report.  You click these icons to start the different functions.

Create Your User Account

In the above home page image, there is a line near the bottom of the page saying “Default_User”.  It tells you that the program is currently used by a user whose user name is Default_User.  Default_User is created for demonstration purpose.  It has a set of words and their status in its database.  You can use this account to try the various functions of this program. But everything you do will be recorded under this account.

For your study, you should create your own user account and always study under your name.  Your account will hold all information about your study.  That information enables the program to manage your vocabulary building process to achieve high efficiency.  To create your user account:

  1. click Setting on the menu bar
  2. select User Account
  3. select Add New User
  4. type in your user name, then click OK
  5. click OK again to the pop up notification, the new user account is created.

Switch to Your Account

At this time the current user of the program is still the Default_User.  You need to switch to your user account to ensure everything you do will be record in your account.

  1. click Setting on the menu bar
  2. select User Account
  3. select Switch User
  4. select your user name from the drop down menu in the pop up dialog
  5. click OK on the pop up dialog. The program is switched to your account.

Check Your Study Status

Let’s take a look at your current study progress.

  1. click the Report icon to start the report function. Everything is 0 because you have not done anything under your account.
  2. click the Quit button to back to the home page

Select Words to Study

In order to begin your study you need to put some words in your selection.  You need to use the Select function to do that:

  1. click the Select icon to enter the Select function.
  2. click the drop down menu on the top of the page
  3. select the SAT word group. Words from that group are listed in the Source List.
  4. highlight some words by click and/or Shift-click and/or Ctrl-click, then click the Move to Study List button to move highlighted words to Study List. Repeat the same process a few times to move 100 or more words to Study List
  5. can also move some words to Known List
  6. click Save button to finish this round of selection. You will back to the home page.

Check Your Study Status Again

Let’s take a look at your current study progress again.

  1. click the Report icon to start the report function. You have some words in your selection and all of them are new words,  none of them has ever been studied, which is correct.
  2. click the Quit button to back to the home page

Study Words

Now you are ready to begin your study.  Here we want to show you how to use the Study function to conduct your study. That function is the core function of this program.  It will manage every aspect of your study in the most optimized manner.  You can concentrate on your study 100%, except when all new words have been studied and you have to go back to select more new words.

  1. click the Study icon to enter the Study function. A multiple choice question is presented to you.
  2. do your best to select the correct answer, then click the Next button.
  3. if your answer is correct, the next multiple choice question will follow
  4. if your answer is wrong a dialog box will pop up giving you the correct answer and ask if you want to look at the dictionary
  5. if your answer is No, the next multiple choice question will follow; if your answer is Yes the Dictionary Dialog will pop up to give more information about the current word and allow you to add and modify information of the current word. When you click the Close button on the Dictionary Dialog you will be moved to the next multiple choice question.
  6. when you click the Quit button your study session is ended and you will come back to the program home page.

What’s Next

At this point you can try the other 3 functions of VocabularyShop: Browse function, Spelling function, and Game function.  However you can only choose the “New Words” and “All Words” group when running these functions.  This is because you have not made much progress and your Learning Words group and Learned Words group are empty.  See user guide for more information.