Version History


  • Added date & time stamp to report function.


  • Rearranged Spell function GUI layout to allow the display of the user attached image and allows target word display field width to be extended to enable a few very long words and their IPA to be displayed fully.
  • Increased the target word display field width of the Study function GUI, Browse function GUI, the Dictionary tab and My Notes tab of the Dictionary Dialog to allow a few very long words and their IPA to be displayed fully.
  • Increased the 10 selectable words display field width in the Game function GUI to allow a few very long words to be displayed fully.
  • Further improved the Type-in input method of Select Word function to handle all possible punctuation.


  • Fixed problem in Type-in input method of Select Word function to allow type in or copy-paste in word list in one word per line format


  • Rebuilt the software from new Java Development Kit (JDK 8) to enhance software performance and compatibility with the new (version 8.x) and future version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Switched the access to various online dictionaries from the embedded web browser to the user’s default external web browser, like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, to deal with constantly evolving web technology and make it much easier for the users to seek more information on the internet.


  • Fixed bug in Dictionary tab of Dictionary Dialog, in which adverbs are incorrectly labeled as verb.


  • Modified program home page, add “developed in USA” and web address in program home page
  • Replaced Browse function background image to improve its look and feel.


  • Added online help to help manual.
  • Fixed corner case bug: when a word definition from the database contains the target word itself, that definition will be rejected. But if that definition is the only definition for that word then that word will have no definition.  To resolve this problem, definitions containing target word will be allowed if that definition is the only definition for the target word.


  • Modified the program initialization code and database structure to reduce program starting time.
  • Restructured database, Reduced database size, merged data file to reduce installation package size.
  • Removed 32-bit OS support. Remove Windows XP and Vista support.  Now the program can only run on 64-bit platform on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.  This change reduces the complexity of the installation script and package size.


  • Added additional check to Type-in sub-function of Select function, so it will accept only word starting with letters.


  • Fixed Game function bug, which will increase score if the user click on the work list after finish the game.
  • Added pronunciation to spell function, so the user can click the word/IPA line to listen to the pronunciation of the target word regardless the word is shown or hidden.


  • Initial Release.
  • Support 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.