Type or Copy-Paste

From VocabularyShop home page click Select icon > Click the drop down menu  > select Type In

type or copy paste in words

An input dialog box pops up.  Type in or copy and paste in your word list, then click OK.

Select words Type in dialog

Your input will be processed, and a new set of words will be drawn from your input. This new set of words will be put in the Source List in alphabetic order for you to choose, just like you do with words from different word groups.

This new set of words will not contain duplicated words.  Words already in your word selection will be dropped, and words cannot be found in the embedded dictionary will also be dropped.  Nouns in plural form may be converted to singular form. Conjugated verbs may be changed back to their base form.

The Type-in process may not recognize and handle all forms of words correctly.  For example, people use an uppercase letter for the first letter of a sentence, the title of a person, or to emphasize that word like, “NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization”. The embedded dictionary does not have the first letter capitalized words. As a result, only the word NATO is recognized as a valid word from the above sentence. If the program simply converts uppercase letters to lowercase letters, then there will be another set of errors.

There are some nouns with irregular plural forms, and some verbs with irregular conjugated forms as well.  Sometimes, the Type-in process may fail to handle these irregular nouns and verbs correctly.

For these reasons, the users may have to convert some words manually to their base form when copy-paste articles to add words to their word selection.