My Notes Tab

This tab gives the user the ability to customize information about the current word to satisfy the user’s individual needs and interests:

  • use a different definition as the primary definition for the current word.
  • add sample sentence(s) and notes for the current word using any language.
  • attach an image to represent the current word.
My Notes tab of Dictionary Dialog


Change Primary Definition of a Word

In this guide, the most widely used definition of a word is called the Default Definition. The one appears in Study, Browse, and Spelling functions, is called the Primary Definition. By default, the two definitions are treated as one. But the user can choose a different definition or create his or her own definition as the primary definition of the word if he or she feels that the new definition can better describe the meaning of the word or is more suitable for his or her situation.

Click the drop down menu below the My Definition label, and select the word type (part of speech) > type in the new definition > click Save button.

The new definition will be used as the primary definition of the word immediately.

Notice that, there are only four word types to choose from the drop down menu: noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. This is because people vocabulary is mainly related to these four types of words. Other types of words like preposition, conjunction, pronoun, are not considered as people’s vocabulary issue.

Add Notes

Type any information in the text box, like sample sentences, usage notes, additional definitions, then click the Save button.  You can use foreign language for your notes if you prefer.

You will see your notes when you check that word in Browse function or spell that word in Spelling function.

Attach an Image to the Word

From Local Drive

Click the Local File button, the Open an Image File dialog box pops up > browse to the desired folder and select the image file > click Open > the image will be attached > click Save to save the image.

attach image from local drive

From the Internet

Step 1. Find an image and get the URL of that image.

Use any web browser to find any image you like on the internet > Right-click on that image and make the following selection on the pop up menu depending on the browser you are using:

  • Chrome:  Copy image address
  • Safari:  Copy image address
  • Firefox:  Copy image location
  • Internet Explorer:  Properties, Copy the URL address shown
get the URL of an image

Step 2. Download the image

Click the Web Site button, an Input dialog box pops up > paste the image URL to the input field > click OK > the image will be downloaded and attached to the word > click Save button to save the image.

paste the image URL to the input box
Image is attached to the word

You will see the image when check this word in the Browse function or spell this word in the Spelling function.

You can attach images to as many words as you want and replace existing image as many times as you want.  These images will be resized and will consume very limited storage spaces in your machine.