System Requirements

  • 64-bit System architecture.
  • Intel’s Core i3 or faster CPU.
  • Minimum 4 GB of physical RAM.
  • Minimum of 1 GB of free disc storage space.
  • 64-bit Windows Operating System: Windows 7, 8.x and 10.
  • Java ( Java Runtime Environment – JRE ) version 8 for 64-bit Windows OS from Oracle Corporation.

If your PC is 32-bit architecture or the Operating System is older than Windows 7, the installation process will not take place. If Java is not installed on your PC or is old, the installation process will stop, and asks you to install Java first.

Note: We will have installation instructions for Windows 11 OS once that OS is stable.


Java Installation

Java is a programming language and a common software library used by numerous software on billions of devices worldwide. VocabularyShop is one of such a java based software and it needs the java software library to be operational. However, for legal reasons, we cannot include the Java software library in our installation process. Users need to download it from the following website and install it themselves.

In most cases, the web site will figure out what you need automatically, and you only need to click the download button to get the right package.  However, sometimes the website cannot figure out what you need and will offer a list of packages for you to choose. In that case, you should make sure you choose the package for the 64-bit Windows operating system, and the name of such a package should be like “jre-8u301-windows-x64.exe”. Here, JRE means Java Runtime Environment, 8u301 means version 8, update 301, and windows-x64 means 64-bit Windows OS.

Simply double-click the downloaded package and following the instruction to install Java. If you have an old version installed, the installation process may ask you if you want to remove the old version.  You should choose to remove the old version, otherwise there could be problems running this software.

VocabularyShop Installation

Unzip the downloaded zip file to get the installation package. For new installation of both the full release version and the trial version, double click the package and follow the instructions.

You need to be an Administrator to install any software.  For Windows 10, you may need to give additional confirmation.

Click “More info” line, then click “Run anyway” button, the installation process will start.

Reinstall or Upgrade from Trial Version to Full Version

If you need to reinstall the software or need to upgrade from trial version to the full release version, you should take the follow actions to create a clean installation environment before installing the software again.

Uninstall the Installed Version

This is the conventional way to uninstall software from your PC using the OS function.

Windows 10:

  1. right-click the bottom-left Start button
  2. click Settings
  3. click Apps
  4. click Apps & Features
  5. find and click to highlight VocabularyShop
  6. click Uninstall button.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1:

  1. click the Start button
  2. Select the Control Panel
  3. select Program
  4. select Uninstall a program
  5. find and click to highlight VocabularyShop
  6. click Uninstall button.

Clean Anything the Uninstall Function May Fail to Clean

Occasionally, the uninstall function may fail to clean some components from the previous installation.  You need to check to make sure they have been cleaned out before the new installation starts.

  1. Check the folder “C:\program files”. If the folder “VocabularyShop” exists, delete it.
  2. Check the folder “C:\Users\Public”. If the folder “VocaShop” exists, delete it.
  3. If the desktop icon for VocabularyShop still exist, delete it.

Move to a New PC

It is possible that you may want to switch to a new PC in the middle of your vocabulary improvement campaign, and you want your study to progress as it was on your old PC. To achieve that goal you need to do the following things to bring your existing database and related records to the new PC:

  1. On the old PC, copy the folder “VocaShop” from folder “C:\Users\Public” to a flash drive or a temporary storage device.
  2. Install VocabularyShop on the New PC.
  3. On the new PC, copy and overwrite the “C:\Users\Public\VocaShop” folder with the “VocaShop” folder you copied from the old PC.

Note: You cannot mix the Trial version with the Full version in this process.  The databases and the code are different between these 2 versions.  The program will not work properly if you mix them.

Troubleshooting the Installation

Many things can cause the installation to fail, things like insufficient storage space, certain anti-virus software actions etc..  You have to find out the root cause of the problem and fix that problem, which is beyond the scope of this guide.

The following are the possible things you can do to fix the problems.

  1. Make sure your PC meets the System Requirements.
  2. Make sure you are the system administrator.
  3. Check your antivirus software setup.
  4. Follow the steps described in the previous section to create a clean installation environment.
  5. Download the installation package if you suspect the one you used is corrupted.