Welcome to VocabularyShop website.  We are thrilled you are thinking about taking a big step to get ahead and become life’s new winner in the 21st century.

We are living in an unprecedented time in human history. People are facing rapid changes in society, economy, technology, and every aspect in life every day. There are tremendous opportunities and challenges coming with these changes. Those who have the ability to process information about these changes quickly, accurately and take action accordingly will get ahead and become life’s winners. There are plenty of examples out there, and new ones are coming out every day.      

A skyscraper can only stand on a solid foundation and your communication and information processing capability in this globalized world has to build on your English vocabulary. 

The old vocabulary software on PC, the new apps on mobile devices, and the vocabulary websites are actually static eBooks plus some fixed multiple choice questions. They have little ability to accommodate people’s different needs, zero intelligence to manage the learning process to maximize efficiency, minimal multimedia function to reinforce word information in your brain, no means to customize word definition and attach image and notes to word, zero ability to utilize the vast learning resources on the internet, and zero bilingual capacity for diverse ESL learners. However, some of them are capable of sending ads to you and collecting your personal information for sale on the open market.

We are a group of high-tech engineers and saw the need for a high efficient, intelligent vocabulary development software, particularly for full-time students and those who want to expand their English vocabulary substantially in a limited time to meet certain goals. Those people are in their peak learning age and need the heavy weapon for their actions on the learning battlefield.  Looking at the research results about learning from cognitive psychology and the advanced technologies we use every day, why don’t we combine these two together to create a new learning tool for those people?  The result is the software VocabularyShop.  

We are confident that with our software, you can lay a solid foundation for your communication and information processing capabilities quickly and effortlessly, at least twice as efficient as any other tool. Your investment in your future will bring endless returns to you for as long as you live and will make a huge difference in your life.