Vocabulary Builder for Life’s Winners

VocabularyShop is an advanced intelligent vocabulary builder aimed at maximizing your learning productivity in your vocabulary improvement endeavor.  It offers you a modern cognitive psychology based learning system capable of managing your learning-memorizing process, optimizing your brain utilization, and letting you expand your vocabulary in a systematical way.  Using VocabularyShop, your vocabulary improvement endeavor will be effortless, fruitful and rewarding.

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How to Improve Vocabulary Quickly with Modern Science & Technology

Start with your Interests and Needs

Start with Your Interests & Needs

VocabularyShop let you and your teacher pick from 98,790 words for your study. You can use your word list or draw new words from the articles you read or choose from popular word groups.

Instead of working alphabetically on fixed word lists, you will follow your priority and strategy without wasting any time on words you don’t need to bother. Every second of your time is spent on your goal.

automated vocabulary builder

Automate Your Study for High Efficiency

VocabularyShop is the only vocabulary builder able to automate your vocabulary building process.  There is no need for you to worry about which word to study or review next, or whether a word need one more review or not, etc..  VocabularyShop core function takes care all the study related management issues for you in the most optimized manner,  enabling you to focus 100% of your time and energy on your study.   With your full, undisturbed  attention, your study will be stress free and productive.

See operation algorithm here.

Long-term memory oriented vocabulary software

Remember in Your Long-Term Memory

VocabularyShop is the only vocabulary builder capable of facilitating the short-term memory to long-term memory encoding process in your brain.  The core function of VocabularyShop incorporates the particularity of your brain and the Spaced Repetition principle into your studying-reviewing operation to optimize the encoding process.  Consequently, every word you choose to learn will be exercised properly in your brain to ensure they will be encoded in your long-term memory.

Here are the simple description of the principles and the operation algorithm.  For more information see Make It Stick and Brain Rules.

connect to the world

Put You on Top of the Word

VocabularyShop is the only vocabulary builder opening the door to vast information on the Internet for you automatically. You can connect VocabularyShop to any one of the many online dictionaries. At any moment, when you study any word, the information for that word is automatically retrieved from that online dictionary. You can get additional word definitions, pronunciations, images, usages, idioms, sample sentences, synonyms, antonyms, foreign language translations, etc. in no time.

See Online Dictionary section of the User Guide for more information.

multimedia driven vocabulary builder

Multimedia Driven Vocabulary Builder

VocabularyShop will pronounce every word you are studying to you using Windows’ Text to Speech (TTS) technology.  It can also read any sample sentence, multiple choice question to you as well.  You can choose the reading speed and the voice (male, female, American or British accent, if installed), and listen to different voices from the online dictionary.

You may attach any image from the Internet or from your hard drive to any word to help you comprehend and remember the word.

These vocal and visual information will activate different parts of your brain, making memorizing word information much easier.

See TTS configuration information here, and how to attach an image to a word here and here.

Personalized vocabulary software

Personalized Learning Environment

VocabylaryShop is the only vocabulary builder able to meet your personal needs extensively.

  • You decide which words you want to learn
  • You decide your study priority and strategy
  • You can choose your definition as the primary definition to learn any word
  • You can choose your sample sentence(s)
  • You can add your notes to any word
  • You can use any language for your notes
  • You choose your favorite online dictionary for additional word information
  • You can attach any image to any word to help you comprehend and remember any word
  • You select voice (if these are available on your PC) to read words and sentences for you
  • You decide the speed to read words and sentences for you
  • The core study function will adapt itself to your brain, and adjust the time you spent on each word according to how difficult a word is to you

With VocabularyShop, every aspect of your study is geared towards your favor, therefore your study will be effortless and pleasant, and you can reach you goal easily and quickly.

Interactive vocabulary software

Interactive Learning Mode

Small kids build their vocabulary fast by interacting with the world directly. They don’t study definition before they use any word.  They don’t care about making mistakes. VocabularyShop core function will treat you like a small kid. It will interact with you through multiple choice questions. This will keep you engaged, encourage you to think, analyze, compare and learn from errors. You will have the opportunity to get extensive information of any word if you made any mistake.

Dynamically formed multiple choice questions

Dynamically Constructed Multiple Choice Questions

In conventional vocabulary builder, you can often get correct answer to multiple choice questions without thinking, because the questions are statically created. The fixed order of the questions and page layout remind you the correct choice.   VocabularyShop is the only vocabulary builder in which multiple choice questions are dynamically constructed at the moment when they are presented.  Only one question is presented each time and the order of the question is random. The location (A, B, C, or D) of the correct answer is random and the sentences for the wrong answers change every time. The chance for you to get the correct answer without thinking is minimized.

keep your hard working results alive

Keep Your Hard Working Results Alive

Using VocabularyShop, your vocabulary is kept in one place, and each word has a super fast, multi-dimensional flashcard under the Browse function.  You can scan through your vocabulary and restore your memory of a forgotten word easily by clicking on that word.  All information about that word will jump out instantaneously to refresh your memory, particularly when you have personalized information attached to that word.   Furthermore, you can go into Dictionary Dialog to add, modify, or customize information on that word to strengthen your memory further.  By keeping every bit of your hard working results alive in your memory,  you maximize the return of your investment on your vocabulary improvement venture.

See Browse function tutorial and description for more information.

game and spelling of vocabulary builder

Game, Spelling and Report

VocabularyShop’s Game and Spelling functions give you additional methods to exercise and enhance your memory on your vocabulary.  Both functions challenge your memory using words from your vocabulary randomly.  The Game function pushes you to remember a longer word sequence and the Spelling function enables you to strength the connection between pronunciation, definition, and spelling of words.  Finally, the Report function provides you with your vocabulary building progress status in real time.

Here are tutorials for Game and Spelling function, as well as descriptions for Game, Spelling, and Report function.

bridge into native English operation mode

Bridging into the Native English Language World

VocabularyShop can bring you into the native English language world if your native language is not English, like Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic.  You may use your native language as a tool to learn English at the beginning.  But you have to use English to learn English and stop translating if you want to achieve higher proficiency.

You can connect to a bilingual online dictionary and use your native language for your notes.  This way you created a bilingual learning environment.  As your vocabulary grows, your dependency on your native language will fade away gradually.  Eventually you will become as proficient as native English speakers.

See Change Online Diction section and My Notes Tab section of the User Guide to set up your bilingual study environment.

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