The Study function is the core function of VocabularyShop. It has the intelligence to optimize the short-term memory to long-term memory encoding process in your brain.  It enables you to achieve high study efficiency. Below are the major functions it performances:

  • maintain the relationship (status) between you and each word in you selection
  • schedule words for you to study or review
  • decide whether a word has passed the current round of study or has been learned
  • decide how much time you need to spend on each word
  • create a new multiple choice question for a word each time when that word is presented to you

Most of these functions are working behind the scenes.  You will only see a series of multiple choice questions presented to you.


Before entering this function, you should have certain number new words in your word selection. If there is no enough new words, the Study function will ask you to add some new words to your selection and will not let you enter this function. The Study function will exit and ask you to add more new words to your selection if all new words in your selection are used up.


From VocabularyShop Home page click Study icon > a multiple choice question is displayed > select an answer > click the Next button > If your answer is correct, the next multiple choice question will follow.

Click the Quit button to end your session and go back to the Home page.

multiple question in Study function


If your answer is wrong, a dialog box pops up, giving you the correct answer, and asking if you want to look up the word in the dictionary.

pop up box when answer is wrong


If your answer is “No”, next multiple choice question will follow.

If your answer is “Yes”, the Dictionary Dialog pops up for you. See Dictionary Dialog for more information.  When you close the Dictionary Dialog, you will be moved to the next multiple choice question.

dictionary dialog in Study function