1. from VocabularyShop Home page click the Spelling icon
  2. click the drop down menu below the Word Group label
  3. select a group from the menu, a word is pronounced to you; word definition, sample sentences, and your notes are displayed; if the Show Word checkbox is checked the word will be displayed on top line and in sample sentences, otherwise they will be replaced by underscores (_)
  4. follow the red color instruction below the input field to press the Space bar on you keyboard; the word on the top and inside sample sentences are replaced by underscores (_)
  5. type the word then press the Enter key
  6. if you spelled the word correctly next word will follow; otherwise you will stay with the same word and the word will be displayed even the Show Word box is unchecked


word spelling page


Words from the selected group are randomly selected for you to spell.  The probability for a word to be selected is evenly distributed to all words in the group.