Online Info Tab

This tab displays information of the current word from the online dictionary of your choice.  Below are a few examples.  Depends on your choice, the information displayed on this tab can be very different.  See online dictionary section of this guide for details.


online dictionary example 01


online dictionary example 02


online dictionary example 03


online dictionary example 04


Errors Under the Online Info Tab

Occasionally you may see some error messages pop up under the online info tab, or the online info tab become non-responsive for a while.  In most cases when you dismiss the error message or wait for a while the problem will go away.  However, if the problem persists, you may have to change you online dictionary to a different one.


Error message on Online Info tab


The embedded browser is not as powerful as those popular stand-alone web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which have many people developing and maintaining them every day.  Therefore, when errors occur, the embedded browser may not handle them gracefully.

Almost all online dictionary send advertisements to their visitors.  Some sites may send large amount of image and video advertisements continuously to its visitors.  Such traffic will overwhelm the embedded browser, consume a substantial amount of the PC’s memory and processing power, causing the program to become non-responsive for some time.

Websites can be designed in very different ways, and may involve non-standard technologies.  It is their decision on how many advertisements they want to send to their visitors.  If a site causes too many errors or become too aggressive in sending advertisements to its visitors, then you may have to switch to a different one.