Game function exercises your memory by asking you to remember a sequence of words from your selection.  It first presents a sequence of word one by one from a word group in your word selection, and then ask you to repeat that sequence back.  The group should contain at least 10 words for the game to use.  Your score is the square of the number of correct answers you provided.

The red color instruction near the bottom of the white rectangle tells you what to do next.

  1. from VocabularyShop Home page click Game icon to enter Game function
  2. using the Word Group drop down menu to choose a word group
  3. using the Game Size box to choose the size of the sequence

word game starting page


  1. click the Start button, the first word in the sequence is displayed in the white rectangle in the Question column
  2. click the Next button, the first word in the sequence disappears from the question column, and the next word in the sequence is displayed

word game question sequence


  1. Continue to click the Next button until all words in the sequence are displayed, and 10 words appeared on the left side of the white rectangle
  2. Click among the 10 words one by one to repeat the previous word sequence. Your input will be displayed in the white rectangle in the Answer column.

word game user answer sequence


  1. After you finish your input, both sequences will be displayed. Wrong answer in your sequence will be displayed in red and your score is added to the score field.
  2. Click Start button to start another round of the game. You can change the Word Group and Game Size before click the Start button.

word game final result