About Select Words

The Select function is the function you use to manage your word selection.

There are total 98,790 words in VocabularyShop’s embedded dictionary. You need to decide which words you want to learn, and put them in your word selection before you can begin your study.  You may also want to identify those words you already knew, so you don’t have to bother with those words and can have a rough idea of your vocabulary size.  With the Select function, you can do the following:

  • Select words from popular word group
  • Type in or copy-past in your words
  • Change the existing word selection you made earlier

In the Select function page bellow, there are 3 mutually exclusive lists:

  • Source List: words from a word group or you typed in are listed here. Any words already in your selection will not appear in this list.  If you copy-past in a paragraph, then duplicated words and illegal words in that paragraph will be removed.  Conjugated verbs may be changed back to their base form.  When Saved is selected from the drop down menu, word appeared in this list will be removed from your selection
  • Study List: put words you want to study here. These words will be added to your selection and will be scheduled for you to study by the Study function in the future; When Saved is selected from the drop down menu, all words you have selected to study will be listed here
  • Known List: put words you already knew here. These words will be added to your selection, but will not be schedule for you to study in the Study function. You can still review them, play game on them, and practice spelling on them.  When Saved is selected from the drop down menu, all words you already knew will be listed here.

The 4 push buttons enable you to move words from one list to another.


select words function overview


VocabularyShop Study function arranges users to study new words on the “first come, first serve” basis. If you want to control what new words you are going to study next, you should maintain about 50 – 100 new words in your selection.  You can do this by constantly add small amount of new words to your Study List. You can use Report function to find out how many new words are in your selection.

You should also put words you already knew into the Known List.  You will have a smaller Source List to deal with.  It also gives you a rough idea of how big your vocabulary is at certain time.

Formally speaking, your word selection is a set of words you want to have relationship with.   They are stored in your database.  Each time when you click the Save button, the words you put in the Study List and Known List will be added to your word selection.