About Online Dictionary

VocabularyShop has a web browser embedded in its Dictionary Dialog.  That browser can get information about the current word automatically from an online dictionary and display that information under the “Online Info” tab of Dictionary Dialog.  Below is an example.

example of online dictionary page


You can choose your favorite online dictionary by providing the web address (URL) of that online dictionary to VocabularyShop.

The online dictionary URL must meet the requirement that the configured URL plus a valid English word will form a valid web address to reach the definition of that word.  Following are some examples:

The URLs of some online dictionaries are structured in different ways.  VocabularyShop will not be able to connect to those online dictionaries.

Every online dictionary sends advertisements to its visitors. Sometimes they send unresponsive scripts to hang your PC.  Sometimes they send large amount of video traffic which consumes a lot of your online bandwidth.  You may have to select a different online dictionary if you experience such problems.

You can set up an non-dictionary URL, like www.google.com/, as your online dictionary URL if you don’t want to use the online dictionary at all.  Your Internet bandwidth consumption will be reduced to minimal.