Here are the frequently asked questions about VocabularyShop.  You can find out why VocabularyShop can enable you to build a large vocabulary with maximum speed and efficiency.

What are the major differences between conventional vocabulary building software and VocabularyShop?

Conventional vocabulary building software is, in essence, textbook in electric format.   VocabularyShop is an intelligent vocabulary building tool.  The following table lists the differences between them.

  Conventional Vocabulary Building Software VocabularyShop
Operation organizes and presents information to you, just like an eBook creates an automated, personalized, and human brain oriented study-memorize process to guide you to put every word you want to learn into your long-term memory.
Human memory utilization has no such concept. designed following human memory working model. It optimizes human brain’s short-term memory to long-term memory encoding process, and put word information in your long-term memory in the most efficient way.
Study Status has little idea on how you are doing. maintains detail information on your study progress, and uses that information to manage every aspect of the vocabulary building process for you.
Word status has little idea on the relationship between you and the words you are studying. has well defined status on your study progress on each word and schedules reviews according to that status.
Review Scheduling you make decision constantly on which words need to be reviewed at which time and when to add new words to your study, etc. This study-review management burden is significant when building large vocabulary. takes that burden away from you. You can spend almost 100% of your time on your study
Time Management has no such concept. set clear criterion to define whether a word passes a particular round of study. You will spend only the necessary amount of time studying each word each time. There will be no time wasted on over-study any word.
Study Contents presents exactly the same information to everyone. let you choose to build the right vocabulary to meet your individual needs. You can concentrate on what you want to learn and will not be disturbed by irrelevant words and information in your study.
Study Strategy arranges you to study words in alphabetical order. enables you to arrange your study in your way. You can study the most important words first, or easiest words first, or a group of related words (synonyms, antonyms, root, prefix, postfix, similar spelling, similar pronunciation …) at a time to make your study more interesting and improve your study efficiency.
Questions presentation multiple-choice questions are statically compiled. They never change. You can find correct answer from the layout of the page without reading the question after answer the same question a few times. multiple-choice questions are dynamically constructed. The order of the questions, the position of the correct answer (A or B or C or D), and the text for the incorrect answers change each time. You have to read and think to find correct answers.

What are the major differences between vocabulary app on mobile devices and VocabularyShop?

The key advantage of mobile vocabulary apps (mobile apps) is mobile. You can use it at any time in any place. You can use it while sitting on the bus, or waiting in line for something, or even walking on the street.

The key advantage of VocabularyShop is efficiency. You will learn and remember much more words with the same amount of time you spent on the mobile apps.

Most differences between conventional vocabulary building software and VocabularyShop exist between mobile apps and VocabularyShop.  Plus the users will have much better study environment, including a mouse, a keyboard, a bigger screen, faster CPU, bigger RAM and storage space when use VocabularyShop.

Throughout the study process, the mobile app users need to constantly make study management related decisions, like which words have been learned, and which words need more review, etc..  It is time consuming and stressful, and it reduces the brain’s ability to remember information.  With VocabularyShop, the study process is automated and the users can focus their attention 100% on their studies.

There are still many other advantages we discussed in other places about using VocabularyShop.  For example, many mobile apps require the users to type in their study contents. If a user wants to learn a few hundred words, then he or she will have to spend many hours to accomplish that task. With VocabularyShop, all the user needs to do are some mouse clicks.

If you want to expand your vocabulary with a few hundreds or more words in a limited time, you should use VocabularyShop.  On the other hand, if you just want to add a few words to your vocabulary casually whenever you have a chance, then the mobile apps will fit your needs better.

Why VocabularyShop is automatic?
  • VocabularyShop main study function manages the word study scheduling for you. Words need to be studied or reviewed will be present to you automatically when you enter the study function. There is no need for you to worry about which words need to be reviewed today, and which new words need to be added to current study, etc.
  • The study function control the time you spend studying each word. When a word passes current round of study, that word is removed from current study. There is no need for you to worry about the amount of time you should spend on studying each word.
Why VocabularyShop is personalized?
  • VocabularyShop lets different people select and study different set of words to meet their individual needs.
  • VocabularyShop lets different people spend different amount of time on different words according to the person and the words. If a word is easy to you, that word can pass a round of study with just 3 clicks. If a word is difficult to you, that word can pass a round of study only when you spend more time study and memorize it.
  • You can use you word definition for your study. You can add your notes and attach images to words to help comprehend and memorize the words. You can use other language for your notes if your native language is not English.
  • You can choose your favorite online dictionary for reference
Why VocabularyShop is Human Brain Oriented?
  • The study function’s review scheduling is based on human brain memory working mechanism. It creates different review intervals to optimize the short-term memory to long-term memory encoding process.
  • The word passing criterion in study function ensures that your brain power will not be wasted on over-study any word. It maximizes your brain power utilization.
How VocabularyShop enable users to achieve high study efficiency?
  • VocabularyShop makes sure that all words you choose to study will go into your long-term memory. The waste caused by forgetting is minimized.
  • VocabularyShop adjusts the study time to absolutely necessary on every word for you. As soon as a word passes current round of study that word is removed from the current study. You will not waste any time on over-study any word.
  • The key to encode information into users’ long-term memory is focused attention. In the vocabulary building process, you are presented with one word at a time, not a whole page of words mixed with lots of irrelevant information. Your attention is always focused on the target word at hand.
  • The vocabulary building process takes the review management burden away from you, which save a lot of precious time for you.
  • The word review scheduling optimizes your brain function. It tries to restore your memory of words at the optimized time. This approach requires less effort and time from you to encode information from your short-term memory to long-term memory.
Why VocabularyShop uses multiple-choice question as the main study format in the vocabulary building process?

Small children build their vocabulary fast without people telling them the definition of each word first. Letting you use words and make mistakes is a much better way to help you to learn new words. Using multiple-choice questions, you are forced to think, compare, and analyze words and sentences. This active study process combined with Dictionary Dialog will enable you to learn new words faster.

What is Over-Study and why it waste your time?

Over-Study happens when you continue to study a word when the memory strength of that word already reaches about 100% in your brain. The time you invested on over-study get very low return. When building a large vocabulary the total waste of time caused by over-study could be significant.

What are the word statuses in the vocabulary building process?

Please see Vocabulary Building Algorithm section for information.

How the vocabulary building process operates?

Please see Vocabulary Building Algorithm section of User Guide for more information.

How the vocabulary building process help users to put words in long-term memory?

Please see Vocabulary Building Algorithm section for information.

What are the differences between VocabularyShop Full version and Trial version?

Both versions have the same functions, but trial version has only words starting with letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G and a, b, c, d, e, f, g. Trial version is free, but users need to pay license fee for the full version.

Why sometimes the online dictionary cannot be displayed promptly?

In most cases, this is because the dictionary website sends you too many ads.  For example, the online dictionary “www.thefreedictionary.com” often sends large amount of video ads continuously to its users.  These ads consume your network bandwidth, CPU processing power, RAM, and slow down everything.  If such thing happens too frequently, you may have to switch to a different online dictionary.

How VocabularyShop Select function finds new words for a user from an article or word list?

In VocabularyShop, a new word for a particular user is defined as a word exists in the embedded dictionary, but does not exist in that use’s word selection.  When a user pastes in an article using the Type-in method of the Select function, the Select function will take the following actions to find all new words in that article for that user:

  1. Extract each individual word from the article using space, comma, and period.
  2. Remove any duplicated words from the resulted word group.
  3. Convert conjugated verbs back to their base form, and nouns in plural form back to singular form whenever possible.
  4. Remove any words cannot be found in the embedded dictionary.
  5. Remove any words already exist in that user’s word selection.

The remaining words are the new words for that user.  They will be displayed on the Source List to let that user select them.

Can I use Online Info page in the Dictionary Dialog to check other words and search word images?

Yes, you can.

Why it takes long time for VocabularyShop to start?

On start up, VocabularyShop need to retrieve a lot of information from database and use that information to build various data structure for later use. Those tasks take a lot of CPU power and memory to accomplish.